Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Garden Guy

Here is a cool web site about gardening in the Sonoran Desert (specifically Phoenix area). The guy does everything organically, so it is a good resource for that type of information, and he guides you on when to do pruning, weed control, and things like that.

I am getting very interested in gardening around my house, and I like to use organic approaches.
Here is a method of weed control that I got from the site:

Weed Control Recipe
To kill weeds organically, try Dave's homemade solution for weed control, as featured on Channel 3:
1 gallon white vinegar
1 oz. citronella or citrus oil
1 tsp. Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap (Wild Oats stores)
Put in a pump sprayer and apply to weeds.
For a stronger weed control, try GardenVille Weed Control.

My first approach to gardening will be to get some pallets and make a compost area behind my back wall. We are going to need a lot of compost once we reach our final garden configuration. My mom composted when I was growing up, and it still pains me to throw away vegetable peels and such. My mom didn't turn her pile or anything - we just dumped the stuff. Eventually, it would decompose. In the spring, we'd get some really good tomatoes off of the plants that sprouted from seeds we had dumped the year before.

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