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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We’ll Miss Them When They’re Gone: 7 Aging Hollywood Badasses

This is a well-written and humorous article

Regarding Samuel Jackson:
While for many action heroes it’s all about the eyes and body language, for Sam Jackson it’s about the menace he exudes when he has unleashed the full force of his very vocal, operatic rage. Appearing stiff and out of place for most of the running time of the Star Wars prequels, the preeminent “badass mother fucker” is finally unleashed during his climactic lightsaber fight with Darth Sidious in Revenge of the Sith. After having his hand cut off by Anakin, he lets out a scream of pain and fury that for a split second gives you the idea he’s preparing to beat both Anakin and Sidious to death with his cauterized stump.

“Say ‘unlimited power’ again, mother fucker! Say that one more goddamn time!”

It would have been a far superior conclusion to the film, in my humble opinion.

and it gets funnier. Regarding Sean Connery:
Is he still badass? Like Eastwood, Connery is also pushing 80. And he is officially retired from acting. Nevertheless, he is absolutely, indisputably still a badass. If you don’t believe that, find him at a pub some day and say something like, “The Scottish National Party is full of Nancy boys who couldn’t govern their way out of a wet paper sack!” Be prepared, however, as from that point forward your wife and kids will be known as your widow and orphans.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Althouse: Palinsanity.

Althouse: Palinsanity.: "Zaplito said...

Someone posted at the Atlanta Journal Constitution 'Vent' page:

'I am not concerned about Sarah Palin's being a heartbeat away when I consider that Nancy Pelosi is just two heartbeats.'