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Make a Kusudama Flower - wikiHow

Make a Kusudama Flower - wikiHow

How to Make a Kusudama Flower

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A pretty kusudama flower can be made by folding five or six square pieces of paper. If you make twelve flowers, they can be assembled into a beautiful kusudama ball. Even if you use colorful sticky notes, the result is very impressive and can be used for decorative purposes or even worn as a temporary brooch.


  1. Gather the supplies you need listed in the Things You'll Need section, located at the bottom of this article.
  2. Take the paper square, and fold it in half the diagonal way. It should now look like a triangle.
  3. Take the two 45 degree angle flaps, and fold them to the top point. You should now have a formed square.
  4. Fold the flaps backwards, half way, so that the folded back edges line up with the edges of the square beneath.
  5. Unfold as shown.
  6. Open each flap and flatten it along the creases made in the previous steps. If you are confused, take a look at the image for further guidance.
  7. Turn it over.
  8. Fold one of the triangular flaps in, against itself.
  9. Repeat with the other flap and turn over again.
  10. There should be a crease going along the middle of each of the two flaps or triangles, fold along those creases.
  11. Glue the top of the folded flaps, or where indicated by the image. Using a glue stick may be a good idea, since it dries so quickly, or you can use white liquid glue as shown here.
  12. Take the folded flaps and bring them together, fastening them in place, it may slip off, so you could try lightly taping it together, or hold it in place.
  13. Make five more of these.
  14. Apply glue to the "center" of each piece. The "center" is where the folded edges meet (where they were glued together previously). Spread out the glue so that the centers of the pieces can stick together securely.
  15. Wait for the glue to dry completely, otherwise, the petals will slip apart.
  16. Repeat with all of the other petals. Glue everything together in a circular formation. Using paperclips to hold the petals together works well.
  17. You are now finished.


  • Make sure your folds are sharp, precise, and crisp. It will give it a clean look.
  • Try adding more and more petals to make it look even fancier.
  • Make 12 of these and try making a traditional Kusudama sphere.
  • You may find that a glue stick dries more quickly.


  • Sticky notes can be difficult to work with (because the folds will stick together).

Things You'll Need

  • 6 pieces of square paper (for example, Sticky Notes)
  • Glue (white liquid or stick)

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PC World - Broadband Caps Coming to AT&T

PC World - Broadband Caps Coming to AT&T: "Broadband Caps Coming to AT&T

JR Raphael, PC World

Nov 4, 2008 4:38 pm

The days of unlimited data transfers may be dwindling. AT&T is now testing the idea of a monthly data cap for its broadband Internet users, the company has confirmed, and could move toward a more widespread rollout in the future."

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I love these. A lady painted these classic Greek scenes onto black Chuck Taylors.