Monday, January 03, 2005

I looked at the national weather service page for Columbus this morning. Looks like they are in for a lot of rain until mid-week! I recall the many floods that come in winter and spring. They really amazed me.

S, I, and the girls are all getting back into our routines. U is still doing well with potty training. We are going to wait a little while for preschool - maybe until its time for kindergarten, although it sort of depends on how Nana & 'Buelo are doing. U doesn't really like going any more.

We went to the Wildlife Museum yesterday afternoon. We had a good time. I realised that the reason I can keep going back there again and again without getting bored is that I don't ever get to read or really study the exhibits! I can read maybe two paragraphs before we're off and running. The zoo and the wildlife museum are definitely the top two attractions for the girls. They don't like the Desert Museum much. Too much walking between animals. They start to get bored and distracted.

S and I were very happy to get all our decorations down so quickly. This is the first year that I didn't procrastinate so long that Sonya had to do it without me. :) We got some furniture for the girls room - a dresser and wardrobe. We were in desparate need of someplace to put all there clothes. We are going to put our queen mattress in their room and let them sleep together. We tried it last night in the twin bed, and it worked out well. They didn't wake each other up as I feared. We've got a lot of clothes that they can't were anymore, but its all jumbled up together. Our big tasks this year are organizing and saving money.

S and I went to the Violent Femmes concert Thursday night. It was a lot of fun! A band that was popular with our generation when we were in high school. The band members are about 4 or 5 years older than me. They got started when they were in high school. They are very talented, playing many instruments beyond what you'd expect from contemporary musicians (acoustic bass guitar, violin, Japanese flute, stand-up bass). I was generally in awe. I've developed a fondness for bass playing, since I've been with S (she plays bass). I didn't think I liked them that much - I didn't seek out there music when I was in high school or college, but as they played I realized that I knew most of the songs. We were right up in front of the stage - quite an experience.

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