Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Protect the Little Critters

Why you should proof-read:

OPPORTUNITY: Pima County, Arizona, seeks a PLANNER to join a seasoned interdepartmental team that reviews development projects and works with complex planning issues. The Planning Division of Pima County’s Development Services Department prepares smart growth policies and environmentally sensitive zoning ordinances, advise the Design Review Committee, and works collaboratively with other jurisdictions and county departments. Planner qualifications include analytical, problemsolving and timemanagement skills, written and verbal communication skills, and a demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse interest groups.

WHY WORK FOR PIMA COUNTY: If you’re serious about working for an organization that promotes growth consistent with the protection of scenic deserts and mountains, where developers blow smoke but the environmentalists call the shots; then WAKE UP and discover Pima County, Arizona and the greater Tucson Metropolitan Area.

ENVIRONMENT: Pima County is the Southwest’s most progressive urban county with a population that recently topped 1,000,000 and covers 9,184 square miles. The county ranges in elevation from 1,200 feet to the 9,185-foot peak of Mount Lemmon. We specialize in clean air, snow capped mountains in the winter, mild summers, and lush desert landscapes where urban and rural land uses are synchronized with environmentally sensitive policies and development standards.

CONSERVATION AND PRESERVATION FOCUS: Our trail blazing policies and standards set the national standard for the protection and conservation of Sonoran desert habitat and the little critters that live here. We have hillside and native plant preservation ordinances, a conservation subdivision ordinance, a conservation land system and a Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan (SDCP) that was recently awarded a national Outstanding Planning Award for a Plan by the APA (American Planning Association). The SDCP protects the biodiversity of Pima county including a large number of threatened and endangered species, and conserves our cultural resources........and we need YOU to help us craft and implement our next batch of conservation and preservation ordinances, guidelines and implementation manuals.

SALARY levels are competitive and our benefits are the best in the west. For more information about an opportunity that won’t last, and for applications and the official announcement go to our Human Resources website:

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