Monday, April 25, 2005

Iniard Watch

This is an interesting blog I ran across. This person looks past the surface of ads and marketing into the motives and reality behind. Very interesting.

Iniard Watch: "NO MORE (NO MORE LATE FEES!!)

You may remember my previous blog about Blockbusters No More Late Fee scam. Well as it turns out, blockbuster has now settled a law suit brought on by attorney generals of 46 states. The No More Late Fee program can no longer be advertised unless all other fees and policies are clearly stated. Anyone who paid for the movies or for restocking fees are entitled to a refund. You can read more about it here.

They have already revamped their website so the only NO MORE LATE FEES banner you see is now the court required link from their homepage. What is interesting is how they describe the whole ordeal. They were working with a 'negotiating group' (AKA a group of trial lawyers in a court of law) to further 'enhance their communications about the program' (AKA to correct the lies and mistatements about their scam). And now they have a new 'offer' (AKA court required reimbursement) for customers that 'did not completely understand' (AKA were suckers as intended). It is funny how they try to look so good after being SPANKED so hard!!!

It now appears that their new initiative is to dip their balls a more proven business model like netflix offering dvd's delivered to your mailbox. I still stick to my previous prediction that Blockbuster will be belly up before too long."

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